Example1: You are in Chicago Walmart trying to find a popular toy during the busy Christmas season, but it's sold out. You notice others looking for the same toy, and seem to be on their way to check other stores. You ask them to visit QWERTL.com, using their initials and the keyphrase "Chicago Walmart toy quest". Now if any of you finds the toy at another store, you can enter the store name and location, then press "Submit/Check Messages". Everyone on the "chicago walmart toy quest" channel will see your message when they press "Submit/Check Messages".

Example2: Your dog "Lucky" ran away, so you print some flyers and post them around your Dallas neighborhood. You don't really want to spread your phone number all over town, so you list your contact info as QWERTL.com, using the keyphrase "I found lucky in Dallas". Go to QWERTL.com, enter your nickname, the keyphrase, and the message "Have you seen Lucky?" Press "Submit/Check Messages" to post your message and again periodically to check for updates.

Have a QWERTL story? Share it on QWERTL.com, keyphrase "Q Adventures".

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